About us

ScanClean operates its activity since 2002 and has affirmed it self as one of the biggest distributors in the field of professional cleaning and hygiene products. A remarkable proof for our professionalism is the fact that ScanClean  has been chosen as an official member of INPACS since April, 2015.

INPACS is the largest distributor in Europe for professional cleaning and hygiene products. Its product portfolio includes 38 of the most prestigious brands in this field - Tork, Kimberly- Clark, Ecolab, Diversey, Tana, Buzil, Kiehl, Vermop, Vikan, 3M, Semperit, Unger, etc. Moreover, it offers solutions for all professional spheres including HoReCa, manufacturing of foods, drinks, machines and chemistry, construction, health care, culture and education, etc. 


INPACS is a global distributor of a full range of cleaning, hygienic and catering products and supplies. Established in 2004, INPACS has approved as international distribution company in the field with assortment of more than 14 000 positions. Nowadays, the organization has more than 300 affiliates in 35 countries. The consolidated turnover of the company for 2014 exceeds 2 billion Euro. 

ScanClean offers products for the following sectors:



Product portfolio of ScanClean

Before becoming a member of INPACS, ScanClean  was popular in its market mostly as being the major distributor of the prestigious brand TORK, which belongs to the Swedish concern SCA (Zewa, Libresse, Libero) - world leаder in production of sanitary and hygienic products. TORK’s products are certificated and approved by leading controlling institutions.

TORK is one of the most famous brands worldwide as well as in Bulgaria. Its presence adds a specific atmosphere for prestige, professionalism and special attitude to its customers.

ScanClean will continue to recommend TORK when it comes to complex solution for cleaning and hygiene.

Other professional products of ScanClean for cleaning:

The second leading producer of professional cleaning and hygienic products in ScanClean’s portfolio is Kimberly-Clark.  Similar to TORK, Kimberly - Clark is among the most popular brands worldwide. Its assortment includes a huge range of cleaning tools, products for industry, protective equipment, etc.

Ecolab is a global leader in producing cleaning and hygienic products. ScanClean focuses on the distribution of professional detergents for bathrooms, kitchens, medical centers as well as detergents for washing machines. 

Diversey is a brand whose history begins in the distant 1923. Nowadays, it is a part of Sealed Air Corporation, in the division Diversey Care.ScanClean  includes detergents for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, universal detergents for everyday use, disinfectants and washing detergents. 

ScanClean’s Service

Based on our long-standing experience, our respect and professional attitude toward our customers, ScanClean offers solutions that optimize quality, value and time for performing the necessary activities. Our professional growth is a result of our priority - constantly and directly servicing through providing with the right product for each specific use. Our successful cooperation with key customers in Bulgaria is a high evaluation for the quality of our services as well as for our fair trade relations.

ScanClean provides with timely and direct delivery to its clients thanks to its balanced stocks, developed transport logistics and its personnel’s professionalism.

ScanClean Ltd is certificated with ISO 9001:2008for quality management. It is also a member of Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry SCCI, BNCC, Bulgarian Union of Balneology and SPA Tourism BUBSPA, Bulgarian Cleaning Association BCA and ISSA.

For the objective assessment of the needs of the customer and the correct analysis for the selection of the most suitable product ScanClean has developed and follows a Customer Service Program

ScanClean Customer Service Program:

a)   Customer Needs Analysis.

Our experience with numerous customers, combined with the detailed analysis of concrete needs and expectations guarantee that our programme and proposals will be applicable to the special requirements of our customers.

b)  The execution of our Partnership Proposal, based on the selection of the most suitable dispensers, tools and consumables for each separate activity and in accordance with the specifics of the facilities and other conditions, suggests high quality products and control over consumption at the same time.

c)   Monitoring of consumption and competent interference of the company in order to increase the advantages of the usage of ScanClean products.  Through the training programs for supervisors we make sure that the everyday use of ScanClean products provides the necessary efficiency and satisfaction which professional cleaning systems should have.


    At ScanClean our highest priority is the direct and correct customer service. We are proud that we are close to our customers and we care to fulfill their expectations.

    If you need more information about our services and products do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced and qualified employees are ready to answer your questions immediately and in details.

More information for the company and the products is available at www.scanclean.bgand on the telephone numbers of ScanClean ’s offices.