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Are we washing our hands correctly?


Scrubbing your hands with soap for 20 seconds does not suffice, in order to kill all bacteria. According to British practitioners, the most effective technique consists of six steps and requires 25% more time, announced the Mail on Sunday, cited by the Bulgarian News Agency. The six-step, handwashing method is recommended by the World Health Organization.

Wet your hands and lather with soap by rubbing them together. First, scrub the palms and the stretched fingers. Second, lather the backs of your hands, while simultaneously srubbing between the fingers.

The third stage is scrubbing the palms, as the fingers cross each other. In the fourth step each palms is covered by the other and is further scrubbed. Afterwards, both hands thoroughly scrub the thumbs. In the end, the fingers of both hands properly rinse the palms with water.

Scientists of the Scotland Caledonian University have determined that this is the most effective method, after observing the way 42 practitioners and 78 nurses washed their hands after working with patients. The examination was done by alcohol-based soap, in order to examine the bacteria left on their skin after handwashing.